Saturday, November 14, 2009

Edison may end two-speed pump rebates

Southern California Edison has been offering rebates for both two-speed pumps and variable speed pumps. Starting sometime in 2010, it may discontinue rebates for two-speed pumps, and issue them only for variable speed pumps.

Meanwhile, other states are following California’s lead and are either considering or have already adopted energy-efficiency regulations similar to Title-20.

In my opinion, variable speed pumps are not ready for mainstream use.  They are still too complicated and buggy in terms of nuisance alarms and the frequent need to reset the processor to clear such alarms.

I see a wide open need for a ultra-efficient motor that is as simple as a two-speed.  So far it looks like Century New E Plus Centurion fits the bill.  See my youtube video for an installation and energy saving calculations.

California implements VGB Act

Shortly after the federal government passed the Virginia Graeme Baker Act, there was much confusion in the pool industry.

Prior to this point, pool contractors followed state and local building codes, not federal ones. Similarly, for the most part, local code enforcement agents enforced state and local ordinances, not federal Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.

What was one to do with this type of federal legislation? It would be a liability to ignore it, but it was also a bit of a financial gamble to quickly perform modifications that brought a pool into compliance with the federal act because, up to now, it was unclear as to how California would implement the federal act. 

It was a possibility that California would require some more restrictive standard, as did some localities.

In California the Spa & Pool Education Council (SPEC) sponsored a bill to implement the federal act. Just days ago, Gov. Schwarzenegger signed AB 1020 into law.

Hopefully, this will now lead to some uniformity in local enforcement.