Tuesday, March 25, 2014

iAqualink Troubleshooting

(This is reprinted from a Jandy training document and is not an original post by Technical Pool Repair.)


• D-Link DIR-601 Wireless N 150 Home Router (referenced as “service router” in this document), if another router is purchased test it on an existing iAqualink install
• One Touch Service Controller
• Laptop or Access to Home Owners Computer (if using home computer a smart phone or tablet to test wifi signal strength
• 100 ft Ethernet cable (optional)

Ensuring Proper Installation Procedure: 

• Before going to the jobsite have the home owner e-mail the SSID and Password. Also ask if the home owner has used any specialists to install their network equipment. If so the specialist should be contacted in order to see if they need to involved in the install.
• On-Site connect a laptop or smart phone to the homeowners network by copying and pasting the SSID and Password into necessary boxes. This proves the information provided by the home owner is correct.
• After connecting to the network open an internet browser, such as internet explorer, and perform a “google” search. This will prove that an internet connection exists.
• Use the laptop or smart phone to test the wifi signal near the location the iAqualink is to be mounted. The iAqualink needs a minimum of 2 signal strength bars, anything less will be tedious to operate and test and may not connect.
• With the iAqualink disconnected from the Aqualink 485 network, plug the iAqualink into an available USB port on a computer. A pop up will appear, double click on a file labeled “settings.txt” (if on a MAC locate the USB drive and explore the folders for this file)
• Locate the code line “SSID=” after the = copy and paste the SSID the homeowner has provided. Locate “Key” and copy and paste the network password the home owner has provided. Copying and pasting the information eliminates key stroke errors.
• Click “file” and save. After saving reopen the “settings.txt” file and ensure the information is saved. Using this method ensures the information is written to the iAqualink.
• Disconnect the USB cable and connect the red pin connection to the aqualink 485 netowork.
• Observe the 3 lights on the side of the iAqualink. Red is power, orange means a connection with the router is established, green means a connection to the server has been established. It may take up to 10 minutes for a green light. If the green light flashes and kicks the orange light off there is a network issue and troubleshooting follows. There is no way to register the device with a username until the green light is on.


• Use a one touch service controller. Go to menu>help>diagnostics and check for a iAqualink Wifi controller listed under 485 remotes. If it does not appear there may be a 485 wiring issue or the RS chip was not updated to rev R. You can also use this menu to find where the network connection is stopped. This may be useful if a Media Specialist is involved.
• Use your “service router” as an access point. First plug the router into an AC outlet.
1. Plug the Ethernet cable in the router box into a “LAN” port on the home owners router.
2. Plug the other end of the above Ethernet cable into the “internet” port of the “service router”
3. The ((( wifi light will illuminate and then the earth light will illuminate
• Connect your laptop to the “D-Link” network the “service router” has created. Open a browser and perform a google search to ensure the router has internet access. If the router does not have internet access try eliminating the home owners router and plug the “service router” directly into the Ethernet cable connected to the modem. If no internet access is possible a media specialist needs to get involved.
• Once internet access is proven disconnect the iAqualink from the aqualink 485 network and plug the USB cable back in to the laptop and the iAqualink. Open the “settings.txt” information and rewrite the SSID and Key lines to reflect the new SSID and key required by the “service router”
• After ensuring the above information is saved disconnect the iAqualink from the USB cable and connect the iAqualink back to the aqualink 485 network.
• Observe the 3 lights on the side of the iAqualink, if all three lights are solid (allow up to 10 minutes) register the iAqualink to a user account and prove to the homeowner the problem is with their home network. The most economical solution is to purchase a router and “piggy back” it just as this troubleshooting document describes. They will not lose their existing network, just create an access point. Otherwise it is the home
owners responsibility to resolve their network issue or go to a hard wired install.

Hardwire troubleshooting 

• Disconnect the iAqualink from the 485 network. Slide the wifi switch to the wired position. 
• Plug an Ethernet cable directly to the back of the router and run it into the iaqualink. 
• Reconnect the iAqualink to the 485 network. When the green light comes on register the device with a user account and show the homeowner the problem is with their network and that a hard wired connection will bypass their security. A “power line adapter” can be used to avoid running a wire. However, power line adapters are polarity sensitive and the two outlets used must be on the same power leg. The power line adapter also cannot get wet. 


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Hey Clint, long time no see.
I just installed a Zodiac IQ20-RS upgrade with an Intelliflo VS pump. Mechanical install took 2 hours and spent the rest of the day getting pieces to talk to each other. The iAqualink 2.0 is working and we set up an account, we can control the valves and aux functions but the VS pump is still not talking.

Any ideas?

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It may take up to 10 minutes for a green light. If the green light flashes and kicks the orange light off there is a network issue and troubleshooting follows. There is no way to register the device with a username until the green light is on.
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